Today, a day of most glorious joy, is National Coffee Day. Today we invite you gaze admiringly upon the amber nectar that brightens our minds daily. Okay, this is getting a little epic. We’re psyched it’s National Coffee Day.

And yes, coffee is a daily joy and luxury in our lives, so on National Coffee Day, we like to turn our attention back to origin and pay due respect to where our coffee comes from. Last year we got to go to Haiti with Todd to source this year’s Haitian beans and visit the Haiti Coffee Academy, our Haitian-run model coffee farm, nursery, and farmer training center.

The HCA helps farmers increase the yield and quality of their coffee, runs a tool lending program, and maintains a public water dispenser. We help bring the beans to market because we know that by working directly with our friends and farmers in Haiti, communicating the feedback from the customer, and sharing the tools to produce quality coffee more sustainably, every year the coffee will get tastier and tastier.

If you love coffee and off-the-beaten-path travel, check out our Travel With Todd Sweepstakes. We’re going back to Haiti with Todd and a sourcing team to visit the HCA and talk to our farmer partners about next years harvests. You and a friend will travel with us, visiting farms and seeing the entire process of coffee, from it’s start as fruit on a tree, through picking, pulping, washing, and drying. You’ll even get to drink the coffee at it’s source – brewed the Haitian way.

Read more about our work in Haiti here. Click here to enter the Travel With Todd Sweeps. Happy National Coffee Day!


  1. Happy National Coffee Day! I am so grateful for my LC coffees, earthy and heavenly at the same time. I combine the grinds sometimes and love to drink them that way also, but, I can’t help wondering if that is a coffee faux pas?

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