Give the Gift of Geisha

geisha-giftbox-bundle-web1_largeOriginally from Ethiopia, this Arabica coffee was brought to Central America in the mid-1900s. It made its way to the western hemisphere due to its resistance to a widespread fungus wiping out local coffee crops. Half a century later, geishas were rediscovered for it’s unique and complex flavors.

The coffee is now known as perhaps the rarest and most sought-after strain in specialty coffee today. The taste contains bright and floral flavors, almost like black tea layered with fruit and herbal notes. We’re featuring these three distinct coffees in our Geisha Gift Box—perfect for the coffee aficionado on your list.

Lycello Blue
The delicate flavors of lychee and green tea, dance with the fragrant floral notes to produce an exquisite cup. Sourced from Ninety Plus Estates, this coffee consists of several ecologically distinct estates that are committed to the understanding and sustainability of the geisha coffee variety.

Ironman V
With stunning notes of strawberry and raspberry, this bean pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in coffee. The coffee dries inside its fruit for 45-60 days, where it gains all its sweetness and complexity. According to Todd, “This is the most perfect cup of coffee on planet earth.”

A classic geisha from one of the most famous coffee farms in the world (Hacienda La Esmeralda), this coffee highlights floral fragrances and all the sweetness of honeysuckle plucked right off the vine.

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4 Comments on Give the Gift of Geisha

  1. Happy Holidays! // December 13, 2016 at 11:48 am // Reply

    One of the geishas (Esmeralda) was highlighted in a Sprudge article mid-November. Just wanted to share with other coffee-lovers, having your coffee, reading coffee articles online-check out Sprudge online with really interesting coffee news. (Everyone probably already knows.)

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  2. 150 bucks. How is that a deal? Really Todd. You need to look at it from a gift set not 3 coffees put together and calling it a gift box.


    • Life is short and every cup counts! // December 14, 2016 at 2:53 pm // Reply

      I think LaHacienda Esmeralda just began an online digital presence in January 2016, so everyone can know more about why these coffee plants are so rare and special – perfect for any special occasion or special coffee-lover in your life.


  3. Jeffrey L Williams // May 8, 2017 at 1:42 pm // Reply

    I just bought the Ironman V and this is a really different tasting coffee….I brewed it in my normal drip pot. I just wondered what is the absolute best way to brew this coffee, french press, cold brew, what?


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