Finding a moment to chat with La Colombe cofounder, JP Iberti, is easier said than done. With his busy schedule, slotting some time in for a measly little blog post is probably the least of his concerns. Luckily, we bribed him with a fresh cup of Peppermint Cardamom tisane and got all the insight on the Tea & Tisane collection we needed. Enjoy!


La Colombe has been known as a coffee company for over 20 years, why did you decide to get into tea?

We wanted to line up our tea to our coffee philosophy. Staying close to farmers and keeping a focused menu (8 teas) that highlight the purity of the tea leaf and herbal blends. We make what we sell and want to stay aligned with who we are and how we act.


If you could only drink one tea for the rest of your life it would be…?

The Peppermint Cardamom. It’s beautifully aromatic with bright and refreshing flavors. And even though it doesn’t contain caffeine, it gives me a nice energy and buzz, making it the ultimate pick-me-up. We wanted something different than the average mint-only tisane found on most menus. That’s why we customized it to be blended with cardamom, clove-oil and basil oil.

For the layman (me), what exactly is Cardamom? Does it have health benefits?

No idea, but I like it. Ok… it’s a spice.

What do you love about the Tea & Tisane collection?

Tea & Tisane is uncommon, but approachable. With loose leaf or large sachet, we’re focused on quality before anything else.

Shop and learn more about Tea & Tisane.


  1. Question 1: So, in the cafés, if you want to try the tea inhouse/onsite, how is it served – mug and tea pot, clear/glass tea mug (1 serving) or other?

    Question 2:Eventually, will the restaurants that brew your coffee (s), also likely offer your teas?

    1. 1. Tea in cafes are usually served in a deruta mug, similar to our coffee (unless of course you get it to-go).

      2. Eventually we will!

  2. Two things I love about being a LaColombe customer:

    1. We have been drinking tea with only peppermint leaves and, now, we can try that combined with a spice (cardamom) and two oils (clove and basil). Sounds great!

    2. Fun, coffee-loving people (with thoughtful Twitter feeds) drink LC, too – like Chef Jim Berman and the coffeetographer that covered the barista CoffeeChamps in Austin! Good work, by the way.

  3. Hey LC ‘gram followers: Check out Wendy’s Lookbook instagram link. (See the red boots with the three coffees in Italian Deruta mugs.) View more of her photos online. Then, after you are totally amazed at how photogenic she is and how wonderful her style is — go to her About (bio) page online and guess what — this human being is gorgeous on the inside! Maybe that is what comes through in her pix. Based on her number of followers, maybe everyone already knows.

  4. Hey blog readers: (The LC team is busy, so, please don’t feel like LC has to respond.)

    Does anyone know if Jerry Seinfeld has taped at a La Colombe location, yet? If so, which season and episode, if you know?

    If not, then we are kinda asking Jerry (& Acura?) to tape at a LC location, maybe in the upcoming 2017 season! Thanks.

    1. Just found on Sprudge that ZC covered the program in 2014. So, CCGC producers, here’s a great episode for the future — Jerry (Even GenZ loves you, Jerry!), a comedy headliner from Philly/Atlantic City, the Bryn Mawr LC and the amazing super-car car dealerships of the MainLine.

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