“Yo mama” jokes are as classic as a cup of Corsica. That’s why we compiled a list of our favorites for you to share with your mom.

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Yo mama’s so woke, she doesn’t fall for fake news.

Yo mama’s so tech savvy, she bought bitcoin in ‘09.

Yo mama’s so sweet, she drinks her coffee black.

Yo mama’s so hip, she has more Instagram followers than you do.

Yo mama’s so cool, the other side of the pillow got jealous.

Yo mama’s so strong, she doesn’t need an extra shot of espresso.

Yo mama’s so generous, she always leaves our baristas a tip.

Yo mama’s so wise, Yoda asks her for advice.

Yo mama’s such a good cook, she could open up her own restaurant.

Yo mama’s so trendy, she heard of that band wayyy before you did.

Yo mama’s so smart, she finished law school in one semester.

Yo mama’s so talented, she makes latte art at home.

Yo mama’s so wonderful, she raised you into the person you are today.

We really love our moms. Got any more jokes? Share yours on Twitter and make sure to tag @LaColombeCoffee!


  1. You Mama is so fine:

    She needs a #4 coffee filter!

    Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!!

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