NITRO. AKA the cool buzzword in the cold coffee world right now. But what does Nitro actually mean? And what’s the difference between nitrogen and nitrous oxide (N20)?

Welp, we’re about to science the sh*t out of this blog post.


While we’re not going to get into Henry’s Law of gas solubility, dissolving gases into liquid has been around for quite a long time. We’re all familiar with the bubbly texture from CO2 in drinks like seltzer, soda, and beer. But recently nitro-brews have become extremely popular.


Similar to a Guinness, nitrogen provides tiny micro-bubbles that create a frothy mouthfeel. However, this texture only lasts for so long. A typical nitrogen infused beverage will only last a couple of minutes before deflating.

But what nitrogen lacks, nitrous oxide makes up for —and that’s where we’re different.


N20 keeps our Draft Latte’s creamy texture long lasting. The Draft Latte’s frothiness lasts about 10 times longer than nitrogen infused coffee drinks. In addition to longevity, nitrous oxide is celebrated for bringing out the natural sweetness in cream and milk. Which is why it’s been used in whipped cream for years.

So why doesn’t everyone use N20 instead of regular old Nitrogen?

“Cuz it’s f*cking hard” – Todd Carmichael


In order to create the Draft Latte, first Todd had to develop what we refer to as the InnoValve. The patented process, using the InnoValve, brings the foam traditionally found in a hot latte, to the refreshingly cold and portable Draft Latte can.

We’re flipping the ready-to-drink category on it’s head and at the end of the day—it’s what makes the Draft Latte stand above and beyond all other Nitro Coffees.

Learn more about the Draft Latte here.



  1. Long lasting matters, definitely. ?

    Trying to use humor to cope this week.

  2. Great info! Please leave out the expletives though. Adds nothing to the content and not that cool. I’m glad to learn something though about my newly found coffee drink!

  3. Great stuff Todd, leave the expletives. It’s that good!!! Thanks for staying on the cutting edge and keeping relevant. There’s no better coffee!!!

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