‘Tis the season for some serious holiday vibes and gathering with friends and family (even those who just make a surprise pop in visit).  Nothing’s quite as nice as a selection of breads and cheeses—especially when it’s paired perfectly with tea and honey.


Tea and cheese? Think of it as a deconstructed savory latte (step aside, wine—tea has is covered). The warmth of the tea slightly melts the cheese when you eat them together bringing out more flavors. The tannins in the tea slightly cut through the fat, but still let the cheese sing. And if you get the pairing right, the tea isn’t overshadowed and sometimes can taste a bit sweeter (and definitely richer). From airy and butter, to dense and sprouted, bread can be the anchor to these pairings playing off of any earthy notes in the tea.

Consider this your holiday gathering game plan of tea, cheese & bread pairings:


Hojicha Green Tea with bloomy rind cheese (like Brie) and seeded earthy toasts/crackers 
Luscious, creamy cheese transforms the amber caramel notes of the hojicha green tea sip into a roasted, rich treat.

Ruby Oolong Tea with Aged Gouda and a dark, sprouted bread (like spelt or emmer)
The nuances of the Ruby Oolong float between notes of baked pear tarts and earthy, woodsy cedar. They beg for a bit of salt and nuttiness for balance from an aged gouda (the caramel notes of the cheese play on the fruity sweetness). Dive into darker notes of sprouted bread that balance the fruitier flavors and walk hand in hand with darker cedar notes of the oolong.

Peppermint Cardamom Tisane with Fromage Blanc Cheese (or any fresh soft cheese) and Brioche Bread
This caffeine-free tisane is bursting with bright notes of peppermint and basil oil mixed with aromatic spices of cardamom and clove. The natural sweetness lifts the rich, buttery flavors of brioche bread and creamy/tart fromage blanc cheese.


Head to a nearby cheese shop for guidance on which cheese to purchase and shop all our teas online.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.54.20 PMWritten by La Colombe Tea Consultant, Alexis Siemons

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