When we kicked off our Craft of the Draft campaign this past fall, we asked our fans to help us choose the next Draft Latte flavors. Last month we launched our floral spring seasonal flavor, Honeysuckle. Now, we’re kicking off Summer with the sweet taste of real caramel.

This new Draft Latte will transport you straight to a sweet summer boardwalk for an on-the-go pick-me-up anytime.

“To put it simply, Caramel is delicious, so it came as no surprise when fans voted to see it as our next Draft Latte flavor.,” explained Todd Carmichael, Co-Founder and CEO of La Colombe. “And we nailed it when it came to the flavor. It’s as if salt water taffy and dulce de leche had a love child. It’s decadent, creamy and indulgent, without the guilt of lots of sugar and artificial flavors.”

The creamy texture and decadent taste of their caramel married so well with our cold-pressed espresso, we knew we had a winner.

This new variety will join Draft Latte’s existing core flavor lineup, which includes Original, Triple, Mocha, and Vanilla. That means Caramel is here to stay all year round.

You can purchase Caramel online or find it in our cafes. Let us know what you think by shooting us a note at @LaColombeCoffee.

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