Spooky season is among us. What a more perfect time of year for the thrill seekers and the adventurers? The activity of hiking, alone, is no small feat, but there are hiking trails all over the United States that add another level of fear to the mix. Here are five of the most haunted hiking trails in the country Enter if you dare.

1. Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Photo by @matt_krc

Take your pick from any of the trails inside this park, because they are all said to be haunted by ghosts. The Mammoth Cave once operated as a tuberculous hospital in the 1800’s. Park rangers often report ghost sightings throughout the entire property, as well as loud coughing sounds from Corpse Rock, the burial ground of the deceased patients.

2. Chilnualna Falls Trail, California (Yosemite National Park)

Photo by @mswaidan87

This is an 8.4 mile loop by Grouse Lake. The Native Americans of the surrounding area say when you pass the lake you can hear the deep cries of a young Indian boy that drowned there. They claim that as hikers walk by the river he cries out to be saved and he drowns whoever jumps in to save him.

3. Long Path, New York

Photo by @thomas_first

The Long Path trail is located in Rockland County, New York. While on the trail you pass the Letchworth Village Cemetery, created for the residents of Letchworth Village, a neighboring mental institution that was built in 1911 and shut down in 1996. The Ghost Adventures tv crew filmed an episode there and documented shadows and eerie voices throughout the night.

4. Transept Trail, Arizona (Grand Canyon National Park)

Photo by @elihugram

The Transept Trail is one of the best known haunted trails in the country. It is a 3-mile hike in the Grand Canyon’s North Rim and is haunted by a “wailing woman” whose husband and son died in a hiking accident on the trail.

5. Batona Trail, New Jersey

Photo by @khustarelli

This 50 mile path is home to the “Jersey Devil.” The story dates back to the 1700’s when a woman cursed her 13th child by wishing it was the devil and the curse came true. The Devil killed the woman and then began haunting the entire area. Campers claim to hear the cries of his victims in the night as well as rattling on the outside of their tents.

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