Imagine a world where your office is also your favorite cafe. A world where the fresh smell of coffee hangs in the air of your open workspace, invigorating every email, inspiring every status meeting. Luckily, your workplace coffee dreams have become a reality.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Lavazza Professional to bring our premium coffee roasts to the workplace through their innovative single-serve FLAVIA brewers. Two of our signature roasts, Corsica and Monaco, are now available in single-serve FLAVIA Freshpacks for you to enjoy in the office at anytime.

“There used to be a closed wall between what’s happening in the cafe space and the workplace,” says La Colombe Co-Founder and CEO Todd Carmichael. “And now that wall is no longer there.”

Two of our most popular roasts, Corsica and Monaco both carry familiar, chocolatey notes that resemble dark chocolate and milk chocolate respectively. Each roast pairs well with your cream of choice to make for the perfect 9am pick-me-up or fuel for your 3pm slump.

In addition to bringing better coffee to the workplace, we’ve also partnered with Lavazza Professional to show you where it’s from. We’re sending two coffee fans to the lush valleys of Costa Rica to experience a few of our favorite coffee farms (including flight, food and beverage, and transportation). Enter for the chance to win a trip to Costa Rica here and learn how you can bring La Colombe to your office here.

Here’s to a better work day fueled by better coffee.

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