craig-alnquist-1webName: Craig Almquist
Age: 25
Occupation: Bouncer/Frontman of the Band – Cold Fronts

What do you love about coffee?

I love the ritual of it. I like when I wake up that it’s the first thing that I have. It’s nice. I take a long time with my coffee – 30 minutes. I have a couple of cups, and then I start my day. It’s the first thing that I do. I look forward to it in the afternoon. I like how it makes me focused, along with the taste.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you as a barista?

Oh man…a lot of crazies come into the coffee shop. Without naming any names, there is this one guy who came in. He’d been a regular for a while, but he ended up going to the bathroom, and then coming out with his shirt off covered in suds. He started screaming. I had to kick him out of the coffee shop.

What’s your fondest memory as a child?

I got to throw the first pitch at Camden Yards the one time. That was a pretty cool memory. I had done a fundraiser thing – “Buck a Book Week” when I was in 5th grade. I raised the most money in my school, and I got to throw the first pitch out at an Orioles game.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure, and why?

I wouldn’t say that it’s my guiltiest pleasure because I’m pretty proud of it, but I really like Drake. It’s not a guilty pleasure, but what comes along with it is that I might like a lot of rap that people might find questionable. Kind of bro-y, fratty rap – there is a soft spot in my heart for it. I like Lil Wayne and Big Sean too. When you are trying to sell someone on the merits of Two Chains, it’s a little hard.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date?

I just made a record that is coming out on Warner Brothers. I haven’t made a full album since I’ve been in high school. The process of it is so rewarding, and having the finished product. I’m getting ready to release it. I would say that’s my greatest accomplishment.

What has been the greatest obstacle or struggle in your life?

So my band Cold Fronts has had a lot of rotating members. I would say keeping a band going has been my biggest obstacle. You don’t really think about a lot when you start a band. It’s hard to keep 4 or 5 dudes all on the same page. And if one of them leaves, you really can’t miss a beat. You just have to keep going.

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