It’s a big day for us at La Colombe. After years of research and development and continued investment in our production plant, we are finally able to remove the sip-through lid on the single-serve Draft Latte products. 

Historically the lid was there to agitate and aerate the liquid as it leaves the can. Now, through a new process of injecting nitrous oxide into the latte, the sip-through lid is no longer necessary. This is big news because it brings us one step closer to eliminating our plastic use and helps to put more sustainable packaging on shelves across America.

“We’re always pursuing paths to make ourselves better. By investing in our process and identifying new ways to enhance our products, we have been able to achieve this with our Draft Latte cans,” said Chuck Chupein, President of La Colombe Coffee Roasters. “We are very excited to share the news that we are removing our sip-through lids. Because of our commitment to innovation we were able to improve the process, allowing us to offer customers a frothy drinking experience without the added plastic.”We believe in leaving a better world for future generations. Sustainability is top of mind in its cafes, roasting and warehouse facilities. Through sustainable packaging, environmentally-friendly practices, and support of the country’s most valued outdoor landmarks, the National Parks, we aim to create a better world by eliminating waste and preserving the environment. This is a long journey, but we are committed.

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