We’re psyched to announce that our co-founder Todd Carmichael is about to be back on the airwaves. Todd’s new Travel Channel show, Uncommon Grounds, is set to air Monday, September 14th!

Todd has a restless spirit, and you won’t find him in the same place for very long. Uncommon Grounds follows his intrepid travels around the world as he explores the coffee culture of places like Cuba, Zambia, Iceland, Turkey, and Japan. Some of our Coffee Crew was able to join him on the adventures…you might see some familiar faces this season! We’re excited to follow the show this fall as Todd explores the different traditions, both around coffee and around other aspects of the culture, in unique international locales. We’ve seen some rough cuts and things get pretty wild!


Once the show airs, check back every week for cool new articles, brewing tips, and Todd’s travel stories. For those of you hoping for Dangerous Grounds Season 3, don’t worry. In Uncommon Grounds Season 1, you’ll see Todd is as lively and irreverent as ever!


  1. Soooo…..Is this recycled episodes of Dangerous Grounds? Or all new episodes? Is this replacing Dangerous Grounds?

  2. They should show both shows, because Todd already mentioned that the Dangerous Grounds episodes recently filmed were really good. Bait and switch

  3. Dear Mr. Carmichael, thanks for comming back with a new show. You made my day! Be safe and God bless you and your lovely family.
    With love to you and your family,
    Maria Murray.

  4. Why so late – 11pm?! This should be PRIME TIME – come on TRAVEL Channel – take off some of those foodie shows and get some adventure travel shows on prime viewing time such as this one!!

  5. I have been loking for dangerous grounds for months, not having internet couldn’t find out shows been changed. Didn’t even see comercials showing new show. UGH

  6. New show but not the same, less coffee and and more travel stuff. Only into the second show so hope they add more coffee.

  7. Never did see all the shows due to the Travel Channel continuously moving the show around. Will they be rebroadcast at some point?

        1. There actually are no unaired episodes of Dangerous Grounds, the third season was adapted into the first season of Uncommon Grounds. So if you’ve seen Uncommon Grounds, you’ve seen it all!

    1. Uncommon grounds (seemed like some gov travel promotion show propaganda instead about coffee to me) can’t even compare to Dangerous Grounds, I’m sorry but just keeping it real, and hope you dont erase this comment.

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