Today, I am over-the-top excited to talk about the next chapter of La Colombe. Our company and brand is about to become an even better and stronger as JP and I add to our duo, welcoming one of the greatest craft entrepreneurs of our time.

Hamdi, CEO and founder of Chobani, is joining the La Colombe family as our sole investor. What this means is that your coffee roaster, beloved café, and cold drink innovator will now have three of the most quality & craft based entrepreneurs in the country.

Hamdi and I share the same views and values about what makes a product and a brand great – and the impact that a company that makes great products can have on the world.

We will take our mission to be America’s coffee roaster to another level–while staying true to who we are and what we’re all about. The soul of La Colombe–our focus on uplifting the category with craftsmanship and quality both in terms of our products and cafe experience–is more important than ever.

America deserves better coffee. And, now we’re better set up to get it to them.

-Todd Carmichael


  1. Congrats guys…I have been following the growth of both companies…Steve Ravitz ,President Supermarkets of Cherry Hill Inc. T/a ShopRite

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