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What do you get when you combine a Yama slow drip cold brew tower, Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest, a beer guy, a coffee guy, and an exploding volcano? You get this week’s wild new episode of Uncommon Grounds and Snorri’s coffee ale.

This week on the show, Todd heads to Iceland, and you’re probably thinking, “Uh, Todd, coffee doesn’t grow in Iceland.” But when Todd and his friend Tom Kehoe (founder of Yards Brewing Co.) decided they wanted to collaborate on a coffee beer, they knew they wanted to do something totally different, and they knew that travel would bring the creative inspiration they needed. So they hopped on a plane.

After consulting with beer buddies at Einstock Brewing, they ended up with Snorri’s, a light amber ale made with – get this – “hopped” cold brewed coffee. They combined the coffee, a bright, washed Ethiopian, with hops and cold pressed it before adding it into a hot hop brew. The result is a coffee beer where the coffee is nearly invisible but presents itself through subtle flavors and fragrances. It’s deliciously light, and totally unlike any coffee beer we’ve ever tasted.

Watch tonight’s episode of Uncommon Grounds (11pm on the Travel Channel) to see the whole story unfold. The Snorri’s kegs are kicked, but we’ve got some new coffee brews in the works with Yards…stay tuned!


  1. It would have been really nice if this had been released after the airing of the episode about it, instead of teasing and pissing us off because it doesn’t exist anymore! 🙁

  2. Love the show. Would love it better if the brew was available. Also love the fact that the Pacific Northwest had a hand in it. I do wish La Colombe would come to the Pacific Northwest and knock the Mermaid off her pedestal.

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