On the front lines of our cafes, baristas are working the bar creating your favorite drinks. But did you know they also are the cafe DJs? That’s right, all the music is curated by our baristas who build out playlists based on what they’re into and the mood of the day.

Well, today’s mood is summer ? — which means we asked our baristas to give us some of their favorite summer jams of 2017. Turn up your ?!

Lorde – Supercut




SZADoves In The Wind (Audio) ft. Kendrick Lamar


SpoonHot Thoughts




Helado Negro – Invisible Heartbeat


And this one, because one barista insisted…

What are you listening to? Tell us in the comments or @LaColombeCoffee. We’re always down for a cafe playlist. ?


  1. Today we were enjoying Talking Heads, the CD (yes, we are often old school) titled Sand in the Vaseline produced in the year 1992. It holds up! 25 year anniversary and it is still so fun to listen to, a total classic! (Some of those songs people used to head-bang in a mosh pit and some folks would actually fall off the stage, for various reasons, thanks for the memory.)

    We checked the holiday hours for our area tomorrow are 8 to 5 on the 4th, got it, thanks for the reminder on Twitter. Thanks for the playlist, much appreciated ☺.

  2. Completely agree with Ms. LM of CNN (The Lead with JT (that is one serious guy, you can count on one hand the number of times you have seen him full-on smile on camera (Oh, and you know he’s from the Philly area so he’s gotta be drinking LC, come on) – underground world (I knew it! CNN, now there is proof!)

    I love Twitter!

  3. Just found your blog. Very new fan of La Colombe. Fan of Dangerous Grounds. I had not heard Lorde before. Thank you. I’m a fan of “Can”, German band from the 70’s thru present. Watched “Inherent Vice” with Joaquin Phoenix. Heard “You’re Losing your Vitamin C”. Instant Fan.

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