The temperature outside may be dropping, but our new delicious coffees are heating up! Let’s take a look at the items joining our rotating cafe menu for the month of November.


China Yunnan

China Yunnan is back by popular demand! After the success of its October debut, we have kept this drip coffee on the cafe menu for the month of November. For more information on this speciality blend, check out last month’s post!


Guatemala Cerro Grande

This Workshop espresso comes all the way from Central America. The fertile volcanic soils of western Guatemala create a fragrant and full-bodied coffee that is hard to resist. The Guatemala Cerro Grande blend offers a dark chocolate cherry cordial, vanilla custard taste, and a dark berry and ripe orange aftertaste. Holy flavor!


Ethiopia Guji Natural

The next coffee on the bar is Ethiopia Guji Natural. Cut from the same cloth as our beloved Ardi blend, Guji Natural is grown in high elevation and is naturally processed. You can expect a showcase of flavors with this one, including fresh blueberry, mild dark chocolate, and candied orange peel with lime zest acidity.


Our most popular Silverton is getting kicked up a few degrees. This Cascara cold drink will be transitioning to a warm winter favorite. What is Cascara exactly you may ask? This concoction is composed of dried coffee cherry and is prepared much like our tisanes using very hot water and a longer steep time.

P.S. Have no fear you cold coffee lovers! Cascara will still be available iced, as well.

Costa Rica San Roman Honey

The San Roman Honey blend comes from the West Valley Region of Costa Rica under the masterful technique of coffee farmer Danilo Salazar Arias. Honey processed Costa Rican coffees are famous for their intense fruit and floral aromas. This high-grown selection, when dried in its honey-like cherry fruit, comes to life with a fresh decadent sweetness.



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