Where East and Central Africa meet, you’ll find Burundi. One of Africa’s smallest countries, it’s contributions to the tea and coffee industry are respected far and wide. Burundi is made of nine separate regions, one of which is the Kayanza region, located off of Africa’s Great Lakes and home to our newest workshop roast appropriately named “Burundi Kayanza Natural.” 

This roast is a special one, not only because of the full-body and vibrant sweetness of the beans (with notes of strawberry cream and nougat), but also because of how it gives back to the proud people of Burundi who produce the beans.

We will be donating a portion of each sale to the producers of the Kayanza region to support projects like improving infrastructure and offering increased access to healthcare in the region. Each project will help both uphold and empower the farming community, rooted in rich culture and tradition.

Projects include supplying the community with additional livestock to use as another source of revenue for a community that largely relies on agriculture, providing health insurance to farmers who can’t afford medical coverage, and setting up solar panels in farmers homes as an alternate source of energy.

We’re honored to support such a proud community of farmers who are responsible for the unforgettable experience that lies in each sip of Burundi. We hope you enjoy the coffee and it’s mission, as much as we do.


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  1. I just want for you to know that because of Todd Carmichael’s gesture of humanity toward the families of the Wyoming Valley West school district, I have bought a Deruta mug from your company so I will be reminded every morning that good people exist and take action. Kudos to your co-founder

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