The morning of June 28, 1969 sparked a movement of liberation that would inspire generations. This Pride Month, we celebrate that morning at the Stonewall Inn 50 years ago, it’s pivotal role in the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement, and the legacy of love and unity carried within our LGBTQ+ community leading up to World Pride.

As one of our nation’s newest monuments (designated in 2016 by President Barack Obama), the National Park Foundation and National Park Service work to preserve the space and welcome visitors to take in this special moment of history. As a National Park Foundation donor, we’re proud to contribute to their ongoing work of preserving and protecting monuments like Stonewall and are proud to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community.

This month we’ve partnered with New York-based designer Todd Snyder to release limited-edition hot coffee cups featuring an illustration of the historic Stonewall Inn. These cups are an extension of Todd Snyder’s #TSPride campaign, which celebrates and spotlights the diverse and dynamic voices that comprise the LGBTQ+ movement.

Additionally, we’re excited to distribute our Pride cold beverage cups at all 30 of our cafes to raise awareness for Pride across the country. The cups feature our rainbow dove design and new straw-less sip lids.

For more information about what the National Park Foundation and Parks service is doing at Stonewall, click here. To learn more about our commitment to the national parks click here

Here’s to celebrating pride and love each and everyday.

Stonewall 50 Hot Coffee Cups designed by Todd Snyder
Pride Cold Beverage Cups

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