Sometimes in life, you need to rally. Like when your friend gets you concert tickets on a weeknight. Or when a work happy hour goes past happy hour. Lucky for you, we teamed up with our friends at MillerCoors to create La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee.

Made with medium-roasted Colombian and Brazilian cold brew coffee, Hard Cold Brew Coffee combines the smooth taste of our patented cold brew with alcohol and natural flavors. Sitting at 4.2% ABV, Hard Cold Brew Coffee is available in two flavors: Vanilla, rich vanilla bean with dark chocolate notes, and Black, inspired by traditional cold brew with a delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness.

As culinary purveyors, we strive to take our coffee to new and exciting places and find different ways for people to enjoy better coffee. We’re excited to partner with MillerCoors to break new ground on the where and when people enjoy cold brew.

Don’t take our word for it (well do actually, but you get the point) and try for yourself! Hard Cold Brew Coffee is now available at distributors in Boston, Denver and the Tampa Bay/Fort Meyers area. Learn more at and make sure to drink responsibly. 


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