bwè kafe
1002 Washington, Hoboken NJ
Miles from La Colombe Roastery: 90
Coffee: La Colombe Haiti – Mare Blanche
Pairing: Home-made cakes coming soon

bwè Kafe, located in uptown Hoboken, is dedicated not only to providing an enjoyable setting for its patrons looking for a local café, but it also supports the continuing relief efforts in Haiti. The café, whose name means “to drink coffee” in Haitian Creole, uses grounds from Haitian beans, sells Haitian crafts and art, and helps to support non-profit organizations such as Love for Haiti, which sponsors youths and provides for their higher education. bwè Kafe accomodates the perfect atmosphere for those seeking a relaxed, creative environment without leaving the neighborhood.

bwe kafe 1

The whole story began in 2010, when Hoboken resident Maryanne Fike, along with a few friends, decided while heading home from Japan to divert their trip to Haiti, where a devastating earthquake had recently struck and left the country in shambles. Using their contacts, they were able to put together a small group of doctors and additional volunteers. Maryanne felt the urge to assist Haiti because of its close proximity to the United States, and regardless of having no previous background in medical relief efforts, she remained steadfast in her goal to lend a helping hand. With no established clinics in place upon their arrival, the group acted quickly to assist people with their medical needs, and worked towards providing victims with temporary housing.

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As a result of this experience, Maryanne and her family decided to unite forces and fulfill a shared dream of opening a café with strong ties to Haiti. Managed by her two children, Dale and Evan, bwè Kafe was born as a means to continue to provide for those in need in Haiti. bwè Kafe uses Haitian beans in all of its blends and sources them exclusively from La Colombe. In addition to the café, Maryanne co-founded a 501c3 non-profit named Love for Haiti/The Ark Project, which provides Haitian children with sponsorship for their continuing education. In return, the sponsored youths use their skills and time to volunteer where their expertise is required.

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Back at the café in Hoboken, Haitian crafts and pottery are sold, and the team helps the artisans to establish connections with American companies, who are interested in their products, like Anthropologie and American Apparel. Through funding education, serving ethically sourced coffee, and helping to provide clean drinking water, bwè Kafe stands out as a beacon of hope in its community, while providing delicious coffee and raising awareness for a neighboring country in desperate need of our help.

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