Some of the greatest coffees in the world are grown near active volcanoes. This month, we’re lucky to have two of those coffees available in our cafes and through our small-batch Workshop program. Meet La Hermosa and Costa Rica Special Process, two unique coffees with even more unique stories.


Guatemala is known as the land of volcanoes, with approximately 37 active volcanoes within the country. The soil surrounding said volcanoes gives birth to some of the greatest coffee in the world, including La Hermosa. La Hermosa’s beans are harvested purely from world-famous Pacamara coffee plants, known for their intense and complex aromas. The coffee producer uses a unique process, spending spending up to a month drying these ripe coffee cherries to get the most out of their natural fruit flavors.

The coffee is grown between two active volcanoes, affording the perfect altitude and environmental conditions for growing coffee. The magic of volcanic soil is in it’s rich nutrients and water retention abilities, which creates an ideal environment for growing crops. With fruit wine sweetness and indulgent chocolate notes, this roast reflects the rich earth and clear-sky of this sun-drenched environment it calls home.


Located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, Hacienda Sonora Farm sits at the foot of the active Poas Volcano. Sonora’s coffees grow among indigenous trees and a wide array of vegetation that make for a great coffee-growing environment. The local plants also improve the chemistry of oil that’s already rich in nutrients from volcanic ash.

What’s most special about Sonora, is their commitment to positively impacting the environment and people that surround the farm. All of the energy consumed by the farm is 100% renewable, which is harvested by the farm and powers the mill and electricity for workers.

Here is where Costa Rica Special Process is born, a coffee with a distinctive balance of sweet florals and rich nuts. The coffee is made through a unique experiment, as the producer that created this lot utilizes two different types of drying methods (honey processing and natural processing) resulting in a coffee with unparalleled depth and complexity. Notes of Red Grape, Hazelnut, and Lavender Sorbet make Costa Rica Special Process as unique as the farm it comes from.

Costa Rica Special will be available on 10/15.





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