It all started when Toronto’s Terroni couldn’t find the perfect bread for its Southern Italian eatery. They opened their own bakery. Sud Forno is nestled just a few doors East of their flagship Queen West restaurant. And now, it will be the first place in Toronto to offer La Colombe as part of its coffee service and retail.

The love affair between Sud Forno and La Colombe began when Larry D’Andrea, one of Terroni’s general managers, first became enchanted with our beans on a visit to New York City. Soon after, our Sales Director, Nico O’Connell, was invited to Toronto for a tasting, and the immediate reaction was extremely positive from all parties. There was already a culture of making good coffee with care in the Terroni family. They are very committed to the integrity of La Colombe products in Sud Forno, spending a great deal of time and effort on training the staff about understanding where our coffee comes from and the work that goes into producing it, so they can reflect that care into its preparation.


The Italian community in Toronto is very happy with Sud Forno’s coffee because it doesn’t have to insist on “corto” (short). The bakery stays true to tradition in all that they offer like delectable breads, sandwiches and Italian pastries such as cannolis, profiteroles and bomboloni. Terroni GM, Anna Mammolito, enjoys drinking a cappuccino in the morning and an espresso in the afternoon with a “biscottina” (a small biscotti).

And now we would like to wet your whistle with some more fabulous photography, and the recipe for Sud Forno’s decadent torta caprese.


Torta Caprese (Caprese Cake)
450 g Almond Flour
300 g Butter
225 g Icing Sugar
1 Whole Egg
100 g Dark Chocolate (55%)
60 g Cocoa
Sliced Almonds
Powdered Icing Sugar

Cream the butter with the sugar until the mixture is soft and fluffy. Add the egg, and continue beating. Melt the chocolate, and add it to the ground. Then add the almond flour mixed with cocoa. Spread molds with a bit of butter. Sprinkle the almonds fillets on the base. Pour the mixture, and bake at 175 °C for 35 minutes. Unmold the cake once cool, and sprinkle with icing sugar.

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