Chicago’s South Loop has a storied history with a multitude of entrepreneurs possessing the Great American Spirit to migrate to the neighborhood, becoming merchants and selling their wares. With the Roosevelt Collection, a new development of retail stores and residencies, helping to build on that legacy, it just made absolute sense for the folks at Haberdash, when asked to join, to share in this ambitious project to further enrich the area’s legacy. “We’re excited to associate ourselves with the city, since our style sense was born here,” exclaimed Jerry Khami, the company’s CEO, in an interview. It would also be the first time that the fine men’s clothing, shoes and accessories store could house all their high-quality items and ideas under one roof.

Haberdash - La Colombe

Haberdash, which was featured as GQ’s “Editor’s Pick,” mixes an intoxicating blend of cool, classic style and substance to provide the best service for the well-dressed, modern males that enter their establishments. And besides having access to the finest and sometimes difficult-to-find brands, you can now get and enjoy a delicious cup of skillfully brewed coffee from their very own La Colombe espresso bar, as well as a quick haircut or close shave at their in-store barbershop.

Haberdash - La Colombe - 2

“When you come into our store, we want to appeal to all of the senses. You know we have very comfortable furniture. It’s a very inviting space, and we just want you to be able to relax and rely on us for more than just your clothing needs but your lifestyle needs,” explained Grace Marsh, Haberdash’s Director of Brand Communication. “Our location is in a urban shopping complex, but we found that partnering with [La Colombe] has helped us activate the neighborhood that we are so proud of… We are very community oriented. We have received a lot of support from the community to get our brand to where it is, so we just want to give back.”

In the beginning of spring, Haberdash plan to further utilize their new, “huge” space by holding more events. There have been talks about bringing in local musicians to perform, helping to further foster the city’s vibrant art scene.


“Everything we do is experiential; therefore, we want to create an environment that people feel comfortable hanging out in, as well as shop.”

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