This week’s Friday Escape really started on Monday.

All week, our buddy Kevin (part of our NYC coffee crew) has been texting photos of his current travels in Spain and Morocco. Last week, he was in Barcelona, drinking coffee of course, and by Monday he had moved on to Granada, traveling south from there through the Strait of Gibraltar. The international time difference means the pictures usually come in early, soon after the first morning alarm. Kevin has been taking some amazing pictures of New York, but we have especially been loving his travel shots. All week, we’ve had the pleasure of waking up and experiencing brief, vicarious trips from Granada, through Tangier, to Chefchaoeun (“The Blue Pearl”), getting to view a Moroccan city and a Moroccan coffee before we’ve even had our own first cup. It’s awesome to see how coffee is served in other countries, and a great inspiration in our own coffee rituals.

Wishing Kevin safe travels, and wishing for more photos through the weekend. Happy Friday, folks.


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