Friday Escape: Lofoten Island, Norway

FullSizeRender (3)

Hey friends, happy Friday. We hope it’s been a triumphant week, and that you’re looking at the weekend from a place of accomplishment. If that’s not the case, if it was a rough week, a week of setbacks, problems, drudgery, if it was one of those weeks that shakes and breaks your resolve, then we hope Friday afternoon finds you breathing a little easier. Give yourself a minute. One whole minute. A whole minute to breathe, a whole minute to step outdoors, one whole minute for you. We spent our minute looking at some escape shots by Instagram user @alexstrohl, like this one from the Lofoten Islands in Norway. There’s something about beautiful travel photos that quiets the mind and inspires our creativity. Something that sends us gently into the weekend. Something that makes it easier to breathe.

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