Photo taken in Negril, Jamaica, by our friends at MING Media. 

Travel is crucial for inspiration, to keep it fresh, and figure out new ways to do things. It’s the fuel of our innovation engine. This week we released Draft Latte cans, and we handed some to our friends at MING Media, who were headed out of the country for some R&R. It was on a 2014 trip to source Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica that Todd had a breakthrough on Draft Latte cans – he thought of the valve that would allow us to texturize the milk. He had already been inventing this drink mentally for weeks, drawing inspiration from his 4-year old son and whipped cream canisters, but it was a trip out of the country, a repositioning of perspective, that helped it all click into place. And a year later, we have a patent pending on a completely revolutionary beverage technology – the Innovalve™ can.

So when our friends sent this shot from their stop in Negril, Jamaica, it wasn’t just a cool travel photo of a Draft Latte can. For us, it represents a process that has come full circle, from an idea in Todd’s head that became a can in someone’s hand. A can that lets delicious coffee go anywhere you go. Which, hopefully, is everywhere.

Happy Friday, folks.

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  1. LMT, so looking forward to reading about your travels and planning our own for the future and, I also cannot help wondering (because I am not up on all of the rules), when we can have our LC goods with us. I think I will especially want them to substitute for when I use the hotel room and housekeeping coffee supply (regular or decaf), because my brew always seems too weak. Safe travels.

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