The historic Hotel Oloffson in Port-Au-Prince. A favorite of international authors, rockstars, artists, and politicians since the 1930s, now home to unique local art and music. We stayed in the Mick Jagger room on our last sourcing trip to Haiti. It was a great place to restore and refresh after spending days in the mountains trekking around coffee farms.

Happy Friday, folks, and we’d love to hear about your weekend travels.

hotel oloffson


  1. Our escape advice is checking out The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two, episode one on Netflix. Tina Fey and LC coffee, both from the Philadelphia area and do not disappoint. The show is hilarious, full of famous cameos, check it out. And, good luck to all of the Broad Street Runners!

  2. What is walk with locals? just in D.C.? Can we walk if we are just visiting or just working in D.C.?

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