Last Friday, our guy Todd Carmichael gave a presentation to some of Philly’s finest creative folks. Organized by Philly’s Creative Mornings chapter, the theme of the talk was risk. There are all kinds of risk, but ultimately, risk is your friend. If you’re not pushing the limits you’re comfortable with, you’re not accessing the benefits and rewards you could be. And remember that society conditions us to be overanxious and too nervous to take big risks. This nervousness skews how we view risk, making us feel that the risks we’re taking are bigger than they actually are. So this week, try to embrace a little risk and by Friday, you might have seen some reward.


  1. Can you post May offerings on the bar. We are planning our May coffee excursions, even though it feels like April here. Also, if there are any favorite coffee drink concoctions of the week with details of what is in them. Thank you and Happy May!

  2. I am not tech savy. It seems as if my mobile version of this blog changed recently. Two questions: Did you get rid of the search function, say I am trying to ask for a coffee drink when I am out it helps to have coffee lingo (unless you already printed a book and then I just need a link). Also, with regard to travel/lifestyle, (sorry for the non-coffee question), in all of your collective wisdom (seriously, general consensus), is the best way to help Greece through the Red Cross?

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