Our founder Todd Carmichael climbing Mt. Rainier.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.” – John Muir

This year, the National Park Service turns 100! We are paying tribute to a century of great work by sending coffee to the ranger offices, and we can’t say enough about how important the NPS is to us. They are the gatekeepers of adventure, preserving the incredible natural areas that never fail to shock and awe our systems.

We are an urban company and we love the city, but there’s nothing quite like cresting a ridge to see a vast view of untouched land. We need these open spaces, these unaltered views, places to go when we need to unplug, think things through, and push our bodies to their physical limits. We need our National Parks.

The NPS is a triumph of public policy and preservation. Founded officially in 1916, after decades of activism and advocacy by wilderness preservationists, the national parks system oversees some of America’s most impressive natural areas, landmarks, and monuments. Their work maintaining natural ecosystems and habitats is crucial to our scientific understanding of biodiversity. National Park Rangers’ work is diligent and meticulous, and includes everything from rescuing stranded hikers, to checking camping permits, to removing debris and foreign plant matter from trails and campsites (if you’ve ever dropped pistachio shells in a national park, a ranger probably picked them up).

To honor this work, we’re sharing coffee and love for the parks! We’ve already sent coffee to the rangers and now it’s your turn for a chance to win. Between now and 8/26, enter to win a La Colombe Park Pack by tagging your Instagram photos #LCParkLove. Not only wil you be entered to win, but you’ll see your photos up on our website here: lacolombe.com/pages/lcparklove. These can be old photos, new photos, photos of coffee at home, photos in your backyard, anything that shows your love for our national parks! We’ll select our 5 favorites by 8/26/2016. Any questions, shoot them to social@lacolombe.net.

See you out there!

Photo by our buddy @mikesheelar.


  1. Don’t forget the other side of this story — the native people who were displaced so these parks could be created, beginning with Yosemite, a park that absolutely took my breath away.

  2. Hey, we really enjoyed this year’s film in honor of our National Parks. In Philly, you can watch it at the Tuttleman theatre at the Franklin in IMAX with the dome theatre. We loved it and then we realized it was associated in part with Robert Redford, so, we appreciated his effort, contribution and obvious love (He shares a look at his home area in Utah.) of the NPS. Check it out. We love the national park rangers and when we ask them questions we realize they are very knowledgeable, custodians of the land, but also keepers of history. It was so nice having the Philadelphia Flower Show commemorate the 100th anniversary as well this year.

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