The title says it all – our baristas have some badass ink. We’re very proud of the style and individuality our baristas bring to work everyday.

So, we scoured each of our cafes to compile some of the coolest and most badass tats we could find. Let’s call it inspiration for our next sleeve.

Barista-Tattoos-1Barista-Tattoos-3Barista-Tattoos-5Barista-Tattoos-13Barista-Tattoos-14Barista-Tattoos-19Barista-Tattoos-21Barista-Tattoos-23Barista-Tattoos-24LC-Competition-Training-44LC-Competition-Training-52Tattooo-1Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 1.33.17 PMimage1 (2)Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 1.32.31 PMBarista-Tattoos-29


  1. Hey yum yum foodie, You are giving Dwayne Johnson some serious competition with that one eyebrow up maneuver. Check him out in The Fate (F8) of (and?) the Furious, tons of famous cameos, lots of non-stop action and not to give it away, but one side whoops the other side.

  2. Just agreeing with the instagramers, Yardley or Newtown would be perfect for everyone traveling through Bucks County, which was listed as one of the 50 top most beautiful places in the USA and has a history of being a haven for past political and creative leaders, in the countryside between Philadelphia and New York.

    Good news: We saw a sign (advertising LC coffee by a cafe ((not open if you are an early stroller/walker so check on hours)) directly by one of the parking lots at Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA, Bucks County.

    Finding LC coffee when you didn’t expect to is like finally fitting into your old jeans, reaching into the pocket and finding cash.

    1. You know, Doylestown or New Hope would probably be extremely happy to be in contention for a La Colombe cafe, too.

      Bensalem-ites are already lucky, with access to four great LC cafes in Philly.

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