Haiti is a country that’s near and dear to our hearts. Over 200 years ago, the country was a leading producer of coffee, but lost it’s edge due to international competition in the 70s. After decades of political instability, increased populations and overall lack of resources, we stepped in to help.

In 2013, we partnered with the Clinton Foundation to setup the Haiti Coffee Academy, which provides farmers with materials and resources to increase coffee production in order to help provide economic freedom for the people within the community. Located in a small mountain community in southeastern Haiti, the foundation sits on a 12-hectare farm, with an adjoining nursery that has the equipment and space to process coffee.

Now you can help support the academy directly. This Giving Tuesday, we’re donating 25% of all our online sales to the HCA. Anything you purchase on our website will have a direct impact on the people in Haiti.

You can also wear your support with this HCA official T-shirt. Find out more about the Haiti Coffee Academy by visiting their site and read more about it from our blogĀ here.

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