Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show showcases something new and mind blowing-ly futuristic. This year, it was all about robots. From personalized assistants, to delivery robots servicing you food and groceries—mechanical bots were the showcase at last week’s show.

But what about coffee?

A number of companies introduced coffee and tea making robots. Not at all like a pod coffee maker that spits out a cappuccino into your cup. These are actual robot baristas and some of them will even write your name on your cup.

Bosch Cappuccino Robot

This robot had a touch display that let you choose between three different coffee beverages to order (cappuccino, latte, and americano). While this robot didn’t talk, it created a solid cup of joe. Sprudge did a great recap of this “robo-rista”.

Denso Coffee Robot

Denso initially designed this robot for various kitchen and lab tasks. Obviously, a caffeine boost is at the top of that list. The two large robotic arms were both functional, brewing a delicate pour-over coffee.

“One robot arm prepped the filter while the second arm poured hot water over the grounds. When it got to the bottom of the kettle of water, the robot even flicked its hand to get all the water out.” – CNET

These robotic baristas are awesome to watch, and we’re interested to see how they will affect the industry in the next few years. A number of fast food companies have already said they’ll be replacing workers with automated machines to cut costs.

Soon we’ll be having latte throwdowns between C-3PO and BB-8.

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