Sometimes you gotta get a little creative when it comes to coffee creations, especially at home. That’s why we decided to make some cold brew and Draft Latte ice cubes.

We recommend using homemade cold brew made with our Nizza blend beans (a can of our Brazilian cold brew works too) along with a Draft Latte flavor of your choice.


Cold brew ice cubes are super simple to make, just pour into an ice cube tray and place into the freezer. Done. However, Draft Latte cubes take a little more time and care.


Our one-of-a-kind texture is frothy, which is essentially means tiny bubbles. In order to make sure the cubes freeze correctly, you’ll need to wait for the liquid to decompress in the ice cube tray, then add more on top. Then you can add to the freezer just like the cold brew ice cubes.

Once the cubes are frozen, pour some Cold Brew over the Draft Latte cubes and watch them melt and act as a frozen creamer. Similarly, pouring Draft Latte over cold brew cubes gives your frothy beverage an extra caffeine kick.

Try these out at home and tell us what you think at @LaColombeCoffee on Instagram or Twitter!

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