There are a number of amazing organizations dedicated to providing resources and support for farmers at the source of the coffee you brew each and every day. As a part of our commitment to making impactful change for these communities at origin, this past year we were able to provide home gardens for nearly 205 Guatemalan farmers and their families with Food 4 Farmers through a $10,000 contribution. We are proud to work alongside Food 4 Farmers, who work tirelessly to meet the needs of coffee producers and their families, specifically by addressing food security through providing education on diversifying their crops and businesses.

820 million people around the world don’t have enough to eat, with the majority in low-income rural areas reliant on commodity crops like coffee.

The organizations supported by Food 4 Farmers represent more than 8,000 coffee-farming families in Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

They prioritize food security strategies that improve livelihoods like job opportunities for young people, climate change adaptation, gender equality, local leadership training, project management, and organic farming practices.

Visit the link to learn more about Food 4 Farmers and how you can contribute today.

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