Todd Carmichael heads out to finish a project he began months ago–to create a true Southern Coffee blend, appropriately named Louisiane, which simply can not be complete without Haitian Coffee. The cruel reality, however, once the wealthiest colony in the western hemisphere, producing 40% of the world’s coffee, Haiti it is now the poorest – and broken. No Haitian coffee reaches the shores of this country.

“Coffee, simple coffee, the second most traded commodity on the planet after oil, and the life blood of millions living in 52 equatorial countries across the planet – a simple seed being the single difference between eating or not – for countless of people. Our morning cup, in simple terms – is important. Haiti once produced HALF of the world’s coffee, yet now manages to sell only a trickle. Embargos yes, yet- the US brokers and large roasters buy none today, why? Shipping delays. Really? shipping delays? It seems a minor thing to overcome considering why.”

Follow Todd’s progress: Geo Tracker/ Google Earth.

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