Redhook Crit rocked! It was seriously cold. Colder than Antarctica! Ok maybe not that cold.
As the nite dipped into the 20’s. It didn’t stop more than 500 people to show up at Midnight to watch 85 riders from as far as Italy and Japan, race in Brooklyn’s prestigious underground event.
The HVAN had the honors of leading out everyone on the race’s first lap precession. The La Colombe sponsored “Primes,” beautifully adorned food boxes with local veggies, meat, cheeses, wine, chocolate, bread, and coffee! were welcomed prizes to the fastest riders of the first and seventh lap of the race. In the end it was Dan Chabanov, a local messenger who took the race and the biggest prize, a custom Redhook Crit bike from Cinelli.
Big thanks to Ben and Che for representing Philly, and all the NYC La Colombe peeps that showed up to support a great race.

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