Coffee the Beignet Way – Next Week at our Cafes

Celebrate Our New Blend Louisiane With a Beignet, Hand Made by La Colombe Co-Founders JP and Todd Starting around 8am, at a different cafe each day of the week, JP and Todd will be serving complimentary Louisiane coffee and hand made beignets to our customers. We hope you can join us. SEPTEMBER 19 - RITTENHOUSE SQUARE - 130 South 19th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 SEPTEMBER 20 - DILWORTH PLAZA - 1414 South Penn Square Philadelphia, PA 19102 SEPTEMBER 21-22 - WEST LOOP - 955 West Randolph Street Chicago, IL 60607 SEPTEMBER 23 - TRIBECA 319 Church Street NYC & SOHO 270 Lafayette Street NYC

Read our recipe for beignets:

About Louisiane Blend:
As you know, La Colombe blends culinary coffee: deep but not overbearing, mindful of the kitchen and designed for the palate. So we decided to make a roast that supports the southern regional style of cooking. We first went to Haiti looking for Blue Forest (an heirloom typica variety grown semi-wild), and when we found it. We named our blend-to-come Louisiane because this rare and historical bean was used in that region in the Early 1700’s. Then we went to the south to taste the food, so we could try and develop a blend to support the nuanced flavors of southern cooking.

Our effort is inspired by what we ate in the south: a smoky blend with a mineral undercurrent that ties it to the soil, a polished connection to the rugged roots of agricultural America.

About Beingets
Beignet’s are a huge tourist attraction in New Orleans—with the best-known place being Café Du Monde—and they’ve actually been named “The State Doughnut of Louisiana.” Because New Orleans has such a diverse indigenous urban cuisine and so many cultures have a fried dough, it’s hard to track their origin to a specific country: it could be Spain, France, or even Italy—all were early settlers. But these fritters are substantial—almost “meaty.” The risen doughy interior and crispy crust with that touch of sweetness is a great match to Louisiane.

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