Here’s an excerpt from the article on Medill Reports, written by graduate journalism students at Northwestern University:

“The decision to incorporate social and environmental practices was a natural choice for the company, Iberti said.

“We’re such a bridge between the third world and our lives in the US,” he said. “Let’s be honest: We deal with some of the most privileged people in the world – people that put gold leafs on their desserts. At the same time, we deal with people where getting access to clean water is what their life is about.”

La Colombe’s commitment to “pushing the envelope” in environmental and social ethics makes the company unique, said Alex Morgan, the business development manager for the sustainable agriculture division of the Rainforest Alliance.

“There are a number of coffee companies that take either quality or sustainability seriously, but they don’t necessarily combine the two of them,” he said. “That approach of having quality of coffee, having transparency through the supply change and having a third party certification is unusual.”

You can find the rest of the article here.

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