Whole Foods Marlton, NJ Farmers Market

Yesterday we were at the Whole Foods Market in Marlton, NJ with the blue Citroen HVan (’65). It was the first of their weekly local farmers markets. Market will continue to be held through fall, and we will be attending again in the future.*

There were two other local vendors with us: Mill Creek Apiary with their amazing honey and Cheyenne’s Road Market from Mount Laurel, NJ with a variety of plants. We were there from 11am to 3pm but the future farmers markets’ times will change and customers can figure out when it will be held by checking Whole Foods Marlton’s calendar on their website.

We offered Pure Black, our cold-pressed coffee and whole bean bags. We also served cappuccino, espresso and americano. We were asked by the marketing director to charge something for the coffee drinks, for which we set a price of “$1.00 or you call it”,Β  but mostly we were serving complementary drinks.

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*You can follow our twitter or “like” us on facebook to find out about our events.

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