Recent Press

In the past couple weeks we came across a plethora of blogs and websites we found amazing reviews on us. Such stylish ones, too. Here’s a good bunch:

Sassy Hong Kong, a website of “original lifestyle content and honest opinion” published an article on the Library Cafe at Lane Crawford. Kudos to owner Lindsay Lang!

“Wash down with a pot of Fortnum & Mason tea or La Colombe coffee and you have the perfect afternoon pit-stop… but in significant style!” Read the rest of the article here.


A Blog Voyage, a travel blog put together by “a husband and wife that realized they should put to good use their loves of travel, photography, dining, exploring and picky-ness.”

“The Soho location, the only we have been to, is a bustling low-key affair with the chimes of clinking cups on saucers and the hum of conversation, pleasantly without any of the attitude that can invade other cafes serving premium coffees.” Check out their blog at this link.


The Watcher,  a blog of culture, design, and good taste wrote:

“This is what you call culinary coffee. This is what Todd Carmichael of Spokane, WA and and Jean Philippe Iberti of Nice, FR came up with while working in coffee and attending school – the classy and central, La Colombe cafe (locally, in the West Loop). Rich taste, self-branded chocolate, and an in-house coffee roaster. An Italian machine, of course.”

More photos.


Thirsty South, dedicated to all things drinking well in the South:

“And the Pure Black? Crazy stuff. The flavors are intense, cocoa-ish, malt-y, both big and soft and laser sharp. How do they do that? A stop at La Colombe, and a bottle of Pure Black, is highly recommended if you happen to be in Philly or New York or Chicago.”

Check out the rest of the article.


“La Colombe is indeed a great experience.”


Another life style magazine, namely Chaos Magazine, offered its readers options for cooling down with our coffee: “You can get absolutely delicious iced coffee — with an added shot of an espresso — at La Colombe. The Philadelphia-based coffee-roasting company — which also has cafes in New York City, Chicago, and Seoul, South Korea — is sure to become your summer go-to once you take a sip of their perfectly blended brew.” Click here for the rest.

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