Pure Black vending machine at Noho cafe got some online press

New York Magazine’s Grub Street mentioned one of the vintage Coca-Cola vending machines we have refurbished and re-branded into a Pure Black dispenser. It’s true that “the owners of Philadelphia-based coffee roaster La Colombe Torrefaction have a thing for vintage design that extends from the Citroën H Vans they park at charity events to the rare La Pavoni espresso machine they displayed at their Tribeca café earlier this year”

What they don’t know is that we have had two Pure Black machines in the two Philadelphia cafes looking quite similar and a giant red one in Chicago. Another vintage espresso machine by Gaggia has been in view at the Dilworth Plaza cafe across Philadelphia’s majestic City Hall and we have a few more here in the head quarters.

The soda-turned-coffee machine was also featured by and the Daily Meal and Refinery 29 with the headline “Already Addicted”.

photo by cafe manager Thane

For those who are living in other parts of the country you can order our bottled cold-pressed coffee online in 2-packs or 12-packs.

1 Comment on Pure Black vending machine at Noho cafe got some online press

  1. Wonderful vending machine and its black color makes it more attractive.Perfect machine for black coffee.I love this machine.


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