Recipe: Roasted Pork Terderloin Crostini

Curated by Adam Sobel, our friend and executive chef at Bourbon Steak restaurant in DC

Makes: 4 Crostinis

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This dish can be produced all in one pan and will look very substantial and subsequently make you look like a rock star. Start off by securing about 12 oz. of good quality pork tenderloin from your local butcher shop or supermarket. Remember, sustainable, free range and organic is the first option (it makes a big difference). Second is getting 6 slices ofgood thick cut smoked bacon and cutting it into lardons.  You will need some apricot preserves, grain mustard , boursin cheese, a loaf of ciabatta or baguette, some frisee and chives.

Start by taking the tenderloin and slicing it thin across its grain as if you were going to make a stir fry. Then begin rendering the bacon in a heavy cast iron pan once bacon begins to get crispy turn up the heat and begin to sauté the seasoned (salt and pepper) sliced pork. Make sure you do not over cook . This process should take about 2 minutes.

Remove pork and bacon from pan and hold warm. With the remaining fat in pan place two thick cut pieces of ciabatta in pan and toast till golden brown in bacon fat. When nice and toasty remove from pan and gently spread some boursin cheese on the bread.

Then begin to assemble the ultimate crostini. Carefully spoon the pork and bacon onto the crostini and garnish with dollops of apricot preserved mixed with a spoon of grain mustard on top of the pork.

Finish garnishing with some frisee tossed with salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and a splash of sherry vinegar. Final touches require some chopped chives and one last drizzle of olive oil. This can be used as an entrée, appetizer or snack depending on size of bread and portion size of protein.

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