Recipe: Pot Roast Toast
Serves: 1
Drink With: Louisiane blend (To find out more about this blend, click here.)

Between the celebratory holiday meals and big staff lunches in the La Colombe kitchen, we’re lousy with leftovers. Although some leftover treatments take a lot of extra work, this sandwich requires nothing more than unabashed hunger, 15 minutes and the patience to let it cool enough so you don’t burn your tongue

pot roast toast 3

What you need:
A good thick slice of country bread, toasted on both sides
Some cold mashed potatoes (to use as a spread; horseradish or mustard mixed with a little sour cream is nice, too)
A chunk of leftover pot roast (or other roasted/braised meat)
A few sprigs of watercress (or greens of some kind)
2-ounce chunk of cheese (we used a smoky cheddar)

pot roast toast 1

Pop the cold pot roast in the microwave to warm (also a good time to brew some coffee). Spread the mashed potato over one side of the toast, and scatter a few greens over the spread. Pull the warm pot roast into chunks, place in an even layer on the toast, and top with cheese.

pot roast toast 2

The trick here is keeping everything in even layer so it heats through during the broiling rather than piling everything up in the center. Place under a preheated broiler until the cheese is lightly browned and bubbling hot. Cut into manageable pieces, and scramble away before someone figures what you are up to and makes you share.

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