It is official. Dangerous Grounds has been renewed for a second season! Todd will be hitting the road again with “Hollywood” to find the best coffee in the world. More information coming soon. Read more here:

UPDATE (10/3/13):
Todd and Hollywood have been on the road filming new episodes. You can check out reports from each trip here at this link. They have been to Guatemala, Thailand, Nepal, Mexico, Uganda and Tanzania. They are getting ready to go to Brazil.



  1. This is fantastic news and completely made my day! I love this show and I keep telling EVERYONE about it! I must say, I’m becoming quite the aficionado!

  2. Glad to hear there will be more. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I’m hooked on the show. Looking forward to new episodes.

  3. Can we see a picture of “Hollywood?” Don’t think I have seen one of him….safe Journies to the both of you!!

  4. Awesome! I love this show and Todd’s coffee is excellent I have to say, I got some delivered from New York to Wales and it was worth every penny!

  5. If you like or Love coffee you have to watch this show it’s really awesome to see how they get the beans. Todd and Hollywood rock!!

  6. Looking forward to Season 2. Drinking some Afrique right now and am taking 3 Whole Bean Coffees… Monaco, Afrique, and Lyon (canned) on vacation later this week.

  7. Watching a rerun right now of Todd in Bolivia! I’m GOING to your shop in NYC next time I’m there visiting my daughter! Writing a contract in Spanish! Heheheeee, I can relate, I’ve done that in Japanese a few times for houses, not coffee!

    Again Todd, it made my whole trip when I met you on that bus at Bangkok airport in May! On your way to Chiang Rai in the north. Looking forward to more great coffee finding shows!

  8. I will be looking forward to seeing it. I hope it’s out before Feb. I will be in Brasil the first part of the month and I have some family looking into touring a coffee facilty while I am there. Your show gave me the idea. Eu gosto muito do show.

  9. I really enjoy the show, and will be looking forward to seeing the Thailand episode. During a trek in northern Thailand back in 2003, we passed through a hillside that had been planted with Arabica beans by the local Karen ethnic minority hill-tribe villagers. The various hill-tribes in northern Thailand (Karen, Akha, Lisu, Lahu) had been encouraged to switch from growing opium poppies to growing Arabica coffee beans, with the altitude and soil chemistry yielding some exceptionally good coffee. After returning to Chiang Mai, I found that the cafe in front of my hotel sold dark roast whole bean northern Thai Arabica that was grown by the local hill-tribes, and brought a couple of pounds back home with me. Burma also grows some very nice Arabica in the mountains surrounding the town of Maymyo (called Pyin Oo Lwin by the Burmese, as the name Maymyo was coined by the British, who established a hill station there in the colonial days). I was also able to by some of the local whole bean Arabica that’s grown by the Shan ethnic minority from a cafe/bakery in town while I was there; the Burmese coffee as a very rich and earthy flavor, and with the country now opening up more and having trade sanctions lifted, I’m hopeful that the coffee with be imported into the USA.

  10. Great show! I am a coffee drinker and this show has made me aware of the dangers as well and the conditions of the coffee growers. I have learned to appreciate the roasts, flavors and the history. Thank you for this education and will be looking for many more years of viewing this show.

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