One of our baristas, Jason Patrick, a.k.a. “Bearded Yogi,” recently had a birthday. He chose to hold a fundraiser for a charity that he’s involved in called God’s Love We Deliver to celebrate his special day. The event was held at our NoHo café just two days after Valentine’s Day, and engaged a variety of local and international friends and businesses to benefit GLWD. With the love from his many friends and supporters, Jason’s event was able to raise over $5k.

God’s Love We Deliver provides at least one substantial meal a day to those struggling with HIV or any crippling illness. 20,000 nutritional meals are hand-delivered with love and care each week by thousands of volunteers. Over the last 25 years, GLWD has delivered over 12 million meals to those in need. Discover more about God’s Love and the way they operate in a documentary featuring Jason which you can watch here.

In Jason’s words, “I know many of you don’t live in the city or weren’t able to attend, but the party was truly magical. I intended to create a tangible environment of love. I wanted everyone to understand that we’re all connected; that life can be a celebration. We’re here for a purpose, and we all have the power to create beauty, to create change, to help one another.”

We are proud to support friends like Jason who find strength in weakness and find it in themselves to practice “selfless service.”

Below are some photos from the event.





Here’s GDWD’s blog about the event:

Jason is also a certified yoga teacher. Check out his website about his practice here:

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