The Empty Air: A Rittenhouse Square Sound Walk

The Empty Air (hi res)

This Friday, Philadelphia-based composer Michael Kiley will release the first of a series of “sound walks” through a downloadable iPhone app. The app is entitled The Empty Air: A Rittenhouse Square Sound Walk presented by The Mural and the Mint, Kiley’s band. Empty Air uses Rittenhouse Square as inspiration, and puts it in the heart of this experience, just as La Colombe did with their flagship 19th Street cafe. The app will use GPS technology to trigger different elements of sound determined by your exact location — “from ambient traffic noises and footstep rhythms to melodies inspired by church bells” — all sounds particular to this environment. Kiley hopes that his series will be the basis for a do-it-yourself app that anyone can customize in their own city.

Come out this Friday, April 5, at 8 p.m. for The Empty Air Opening Party at the Rittenhouse Tavern, in the Philadelphia Art Alliance, to celebrate Kiley’s launch featuring the sounds of Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square. For more information visit A Rittenhouse Square Sound Walk.

To download the app go to iTunes.

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