fried chix sando 2 LCT

There’s a lot going on in between these two slices of bread. First, we live in Philadelphia, which was once called the “workshop of the world,” so we’re all up in the history of the sandwich – the factory worker’s best friend. Second, we’re getting ready to open a bakery/café so there’s plenty of baking and making experimentation going on, and third, we once had an awesome fried chicken and biscuit sandwich at a place called Yardbird in Miami.

fried chix sando 1 LCT

But this is not it. We took a shorter cut, and made more of a schnitzel sandwich with a breaded, fried chicken cutlet and chipotle blue cheese dressing, which we’re thinking would make a great slaw. Have you ever seen those tubes of tomato paste that save you from buying a can just to use a tablespoon and the rest gets moldy before you finally throw it out? Well, some genius packed chipotle paste the same way, in a squeezable tube – we’ve taken to calling it “Texas toothpaste.”

Have at it at Olo Foods.

fried chicken sandwich 4 LCT

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  1. I’d utilize the chipotle blue cheese as a dressing for the chicken Schnitzel sandwich just like you’ve shown it. Then do a pork Schnitzel sandwich utilizing the chipotle and blue cheese as a dressing for cole slaw, sort of a riff on pulled pork.

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