Last weekend, La Colombe mobile cafe, the famous red H-van, was at the Starving Artist event. Starving Artist is the Chicago Artists Coalition’s annual benefit that pairs the city’s most inspiring visual artists with its most innovative culinary talent. It is the finest exciting experiential artist and culinary event of the year. Redefining the age-old concept of the “starving artist,” Chicago Artists Coalition’s event puts local artists in the spotlight, pairing each with a like-minded chef.

Their assignment is to inspire one another to create edible “installations” to be enjoyed by the crowd and new works of art to be auctioned off the night of the event. Starving Artist is a high-energy and interactive evening where attendees will engage directly with the creative environment of unique art and food installations.



Here’s a video of the artists and chef speak about their inspiration and partners for the event:

More videos here.

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