Our co-founder Todd Carmichael just got back from Uganda. They filmed another episode of Dangerous Grounds Season 2 and found some very exciting coffee. He also visited the Trinity Children’s Centre in Kabowa, which offers boarding facilities for approximately 300 students many of whom are orphans. Our charitable coffee Afrique has been supporting the school, working with the Echoes Foundation for a while. Todd met with the founders of Trinity Children’s Centre, Romans and his wife Sarah, while there, and he was welcomed with a such enthusiasm from the students. We can’t wait for the episode as well as the brilliant coffee from Bulaago farm, Uganda.

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UPDATE 2/25: This coffee is now available here.

Todd in the market in Kampala
Not coffee. The locals drink tea.
Not coffee. The locals drink tea.
The word "banana" means "food" in their language.
The word “banana” means “food” in their language.
Trinity Children's Centre greeting Todd
Trinity Children’s Centre greeting Todd

Hollywood highfiving a student in the Trinity School

Sunset by the coffee farm.
Sunset by the coffee farm.


  1. Love the show and want to buy some of this fabulous coffee to see what real coffee tastes like. The only coffee Ive ever had that made me say “WOW”, was at the Opryland hotel in Nashville. Now it makes me wonder if it was some of yours Todd

  2. Thank you Mr. Carmichael for allowing us the general public share in helping your mission and cause for this school through your brave and compassionate journey of the heart. World servers like you are what is the best of the human spirit. I have been a fan from the first TV show and remain impressed with your exploits and undaunted spirit in the face of what would strike terror in the heart of a reasoning civilized man. God be with you and yours always my brother. Hollywood deserves the medal of honor for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.
    Roger Bolt
    Santa Rosa, Ca.

  3. Can’t wait to indulge in some of your exotic coffees and hopefully we can be taken away to some of those gorgeous yet dangerous coffee expeditions! We love you Todd and think you are an excellent TV personality as well as Hollywood , keep up the good work and we will keep supporting you !!

  4. Glad the show is back for another season. Monday I will be ordering your coffee from Uganda. It is good to see that you help the children there; two of our grandnsons are adopted from Uganda.


  5. I love the show & will be buying & drinking your coffee from this day forward. I’m looking forward to drinking real coffee. I love love the show dangerous grounds, Hollywood is awesome!!
    Thank you for taking us on your journeys to source the best coffee you can find.

  6. Hello Todd. Came across your show at the end of last season, love it. Ordered our first bags of coffee from you about 4 weeks ago, best coffee I have ever had. Pulled out our French Press and have been using it ever since. Sorry to see your Nepal – Syangja is no longer available, it was like drinking heaven. I look forward to season 3. Thank you.

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