In the past few weeks, we received some very nice reviews in the blogosphere illustrated by beautiful photos. Here’s a recap of what’s been buzzing about La Colombe.

First one is Hanna Skoog’s photo journal featuring our SoHo spot. She has soft and serene portraits of the neighborhood and the cafe. This Swedish lady is an amazing photographer based in Berlin. Check out her work here.


Princesspresso is “a blog for those who are curious about finding great espresso” oscillating between LA and NY as well as some cities from the rest of the country. Our New York cafes made it to the blog: “The first time I stumbled upon La Colombe Torrefaction, I felt like I had stumbled upon the finest espresso bar in Italy.” And we take pride in that.


“Italians and Australians in my experience are two of the fussiest coffee drinkers in the world. And it just so happens that most of my friends living in NYC are either Australian, Italian, or people who have lived in Italy for a substantial time – basically; my friends are a bunch of coffee snobs,” says Jenny, who has a comprehensive map of coffee spots to check out for New Yorkers. For our NoHo cafe, she wrote: This one happens to be a favourite among a few of my friends, although it could be because we live in the area. The light and space really makes the café a nice place to start the day if you don’t mind lining up for a bit. Cappuccino and cortado (with a slice of olive oil cake) are the way to go here.”

For more click here.

Also our cafe in Rittenhouse (Philadelphia) was the setting for an engagement photo shoot.

E&A-15For more click here.

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